UK Historic Sites

Peter Sissons with Six O’Clock News’ colleagues Moira Stuart left and Anna Ford soon after he joined the BBC If you want to read one of the few copies of the Daily Mail that find their way into the BBC newsroom, they are difficult to track down, and you would be advised not to make too much of a show of reading them. Wrap them in brown paper or a copy of The Guardian, would be my advice. I am in no doubt that the majority of BBC staff vote for political parties of the Left. This is because the one thing guaranteed to damage your career prospects at the BBC is letting it be known that you are at odds with the prevailing and deep-rooted BBC attitude towards Life, the Universe, and Everything. This line is rarely spelled out explicitly, but percolates subtly throughout the organisation. Whatever the United Nations is associated with is good — it is heresy to question any of its activities.

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Prehistoric[ edit ] Although no pre-Roman settlement is known, there was a prehistoric crossing point at Deptford and also at Vauxhall Bridge [7] and some prehistoric remains are known from archaeology of the River Thames. Ancient Welsh legend claims the city of the Trinovantes – dedicated to the god Lud Caer Llud was founded by the followers of Bran the Blessed whose severed head is said to be buried under the White Tower facing the continent.

However following the Boudican Revolt of 61, during which both cities were razed to the ground, the capital was removed to London which rapidly grew to preeminence with the establishment of a Forum and provincial Praetorium. The city was originally laid out to a classical plan as many other cities in Britannia and throughout Europe in a roughly rectangular form with the south side formed by the River Thames and divided into blocks of insulae. Bishopsgate , as an extension of Watling Street formed the decumanus maximus crossing the river from Billingsgate over the ancient London Bridge to Southwark and the south coast road beyond.

The Forum was located at Leadenhall Market – said to be the largest building north of the Alps in ancient times – remains can still be visited in the basement of some of the market shops. For centuries afterward, the centre of London was reckoned from the London Stone claimed in the past to be a fragment of ancient masonry from the ancient Thameside Governor’s Palace , though this cannot now be verified. Georgian Neoclassical Architecture in London[ edit ] The world-famous Architectural Association at Bedford Square exhibits all the most diagnostic features of London Georgian architecture During the Georgian era , London increased in size greatly to take in previously separate village such as Islington and Clapham, hence much of inner London is dominated by Georgian buildings.

Areas such as, for example, Mayfair , Bloomsbury , Regents Park , Islington and Kensington have very high proportions of properties surviving from the period which have become the archetypical ‘London Townhouses’ and being, highly desirable, fetch some of the highest private property prices in the world. Domestic houses in London [17] are distinctive for their sunken basements built on brick arch foundations, rusticated base storey, taller piano nobile reception floor and attic storey.

They are generally built from buff pale yellow London Stock Brick to golden section proportions, often generously spanning triple bay frontages with ‘implied’ columns or pilasters and carefully proportioned and very large off-white sash windows , slate mansard roofs above an attic pediment. They were grouped in formal Garden squares , crescents and terraces with wide pavements supported on brick vaults on wide, straight public streets often with private access to romantically landscaped gardens.

Later encroachment of commercial properties has significantly reduced the apparent width of historic streets in many parts of London where the original plans was comparable or in excess of those found in Continental urban planning.

UK Historic Sites

Walpole, Britain’s first Prime Minister, and architect William Kent converted the three existing buildings of 10 Downing Street into a single large one, known collectively by A La Ronde is a unique sixteen-sided 18th century historic house located in Devon and operated by the National Trust. The cousins were widely travelled and the Abbey House Museum in Leeds is a living history museum which takes visitors into the very heart of 19th century life.

After ranking the biggest right-of-center political websites, I thought it might be interesting to see which left-of-center websites receive the most , I went to Alexa and ranked the 50 sites on the left. Do keep in mind that 1) Alexa doesn’t distinguish between top level domains and their sub-directories. So, for example, a blog on Townhall and Townhall itself would have the.

It is reproduced here with the kind permission of the Southgate Civic Trust. It is known, however, that the area was populated well before this; in Norman times it was within the manor of Geoffrey de Mandeville, who seized an already existing Saxon estate. Indeed, there has probably been continuous occupation of the district from at least the Bronze Age, the date of the barrow once in Barrowell Green, Winchmore Hill. Early Iron Age coins found in New Southgate also suggest occupation during this era.

During the time of the Chace the local peasants had the right to graze animals upon it, but the woodlands of Southgate were far more extensively exploited, producing timber for building, fuel, bark for the tanners of Enfield and Edmonton and charcoal, the latter industry surviving into the early 19th century. By this time, however, Southgate had become the residence of a number of owners of large estates as well as the home of arable farmers; but signs of the impending urbanisation of the 20th century were, even then, at hand.

In , with the opening of Colney Hatch Station on the Great Northern Railway, the construction of the New Southgate housing estates began, although the Walker family of Arnos Grove stopped the development spreading north of Bowes Road, and extensive house building did not begin in Southgate until the early s. The last great estate, Trent Park, remained in private hands until , and, almost miraculously, farming continues there today.

No more appropriate spot could be chosen to start the walk than the site of the South Gate itself. Across the busy Circus is the Underground Station and parade of shops.

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Since , the Iranian regime has repeatedly employed the abduction and arbitrary arrest of foreign nationals, frequently targeting those with dual Iranian citizenship, as a matter of state policy. There are several interpretations as to the rationale. Alternately, there is evidence that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards have escalated the taking of foreign hostages as part of an internal power struggle with other parts of the regime. It represents a disturbed pattern of thinking which has many sympathisers in the rich world.

Corbyn might have found presenting gigs or newspaper columns elsewhere; working for the anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist information arsenal of the Islamic Republic was just too appealing.

It’s a nightmare scenario for the committed Left-winger. You finally find someone you can imagine settling down with and, miraculously, they like you too. Things seem rosy.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more IS claims responsibility for Melbourne stabbing rampage Young women across Western Europe and Canada are more left wing than their male counterparts, according to new research I carried out that also shows among older voters women more likely to be right wing than men. We already know that younger people are often more likely to vote for left-wing parties than their older peers , but it seems this trend is particularly pronounced among women.

Younger women are the most left wing in their voting habits and older women the most right wing when we compared voters by age and gender. This trend is summarised in the graph below. Negative numbers indicate more men voting for a left-wing party in a given country. Positive numbers indicate more women voting for a left-wing party.


He blogs at MattForney. He is the author of Do the Philippines and many other books, available here. Having declared war on gamers, comic book fans and metalheads , SJWs have now turned their guns on the world of indie rock.

Mar 02,  · Left wing bias Posted: 2/28/ AM: I was talkiing to a retired miltary guy now a rancher the other day and he said “Walter Cronkite, I hated that SOB for 25 years for the way he slanted his newscasts to the left. Then I finally figured out all that he did was tell the truth about what was happening at the time.

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I cannot make any payment for any items, but I will credit your work. Burtonwood airfield was opened on 1 April as a servicing and storage centre for the modification of British aircraft. It was operated by the RAF No. Altogether, there were three control towers on the base over the years. Burtonwood Road, which takes you over the modern junction 8 on the M62 motorway, is the modern name – it was originally called Cow Lane.

There used to be a pub called the Limerick on that road, owned by the local Burtonwood Brewery, but it was eventually demolished to make way for an extension to the runways. Despite reconnaissance flights over the base by the Germans, the site was only bombed on two occasions, with little damage. Most of the bomb damage was aimed at the larger cities of Liverpool and Manchester. Also, Burtonwood was laid out in such a way that if one section was bombed, work could continue in another area. Burtonwood was the largest airfield in Europe during the war with the most USAAF personnel and aircraft maintenance facilities.

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