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Created by Richard Binder Clips: One of the most visible was an evolution in clip design. This article shows you the different clips used on Balance pens and gives you hints about determining the age of a Balance. It is important to understand that new variations were first used on Lifetime models and then extended to lesser pens; thus, a Balance without the White Dot is likely to have been made as much as five years after the periods described here. The information here is as accurate as possible, but you should not take it as absolutely authoritative. When Sheaffer introduced the Balance in , the pen bore a long humped clip that was essentially the same as the clip used on later models of the flat-top pen that preceded the Balance. Here is an early Balance cap with the long humped clip.

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Waterman , the fountain pen war of , and an already distant family is torn even further apart. The front page of a 2-sided ad in Am. Some of this may be common knowledge to pen historians and collectors, but some of it is new to me. It was already known that A. But did you know that early on he published a magazine? I saw a few issues sell on Ebay over ten years ago, but since then quite a few references have shown up on Google, and Google Books.

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Sheaffer results

Lots sold are likely to have been subject to wear and tear caused by user or the effects of age and may therefore have faults and imperfections. Buyers are given ample opportunity at viewing times to examine lots to be sold and will be assumed to have done so. They must rely solely on their own skill or judgement as to whether lots are fit for any particular purpose.

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n August , Parker began test marketing the next generation in fountain pens, the Golden Arrow. In , this radical new pen, which featured a compact plunger-operated pump .

We will add photos as we process new pens. We are including representative models, we aren’t trying to capture all the colors or trim variations. We only want to use our own photos, so please don’t send photos. We appreciate the thought, but we honestly don’t have the bandwidth to handle submissions. Do let us know if you see a glaring error, though.

We know we are missing No Nonsense and the Old-Timer models. We’re working on them. And since our regular photo set does not include posted pens, and we wanted to use horizontal shots exclusively, you will notice the lack of nib photos though we will try to add nib info to the caption. We hope the Sheaffer admirers out there will find it useful. Jul 31 If it is small it can be petite or short but, never junior.

History of the The Fountain pen

Eyedropper filler[ edit ] The reservoirs of the earliest fountain pens were mostly filled by eyedropper. This was a cumbersome and potentially messy process, which led to the commercial development of alternative methods that quickly dominated the industry. For some the simplicity of the mechanism, coupled with the large volume of ink it can encapsulate, compensates for the inconvenience of ink transfer.

The sac was compressed and then released by various mechanisms to fill the pen. The crescent filling system employs an arch-shaped crescent attached to a rigid metal pressure bar, with the crescent portion protruding from the pen through a slot and the pressure bar inside the barrel. A second component, a C-shaped hard rubber ring, is located between the crescent and the barrel.

Early Sheaffer Imperials by Jim Mamoulides, December 31, Thanks to Frank Dubiel, Chee-Heng Yeong, Daniel Kirchheimer, and Patrick Van Hoof.

Pens , Review Share This Sheaffer was one of the earliest and most successful pen companies in the world. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, they proved the adage that nothing stifles innovation faster than success. As the pen market started to seriously change in the s and s, Sheaffer struggled to adapt to the introduction of the ballpoint pen and the new way consumers were using pens.

By the 90s, things were bleak indeed for the once-venerable manufacturer; so much so that they were purchased by the French conglomerate Bic in Madison, Iowa factory—which it did in dribs and drabs until the lights were turned off for good in As the factory was shutting down, some enterprising collectors snatched up the remaining stock of fountain pens, with the hopes of offering them for sale at a later date as New Old Stock NOS. The PFM was made of injection-molded plastics, while the Legacy was made from metal.

In the early s, the design was further improved and refined to help improve quality control under modern manufacturing techniques. The squared-off ends were rounded to help reduce manufacturing flaws from finishing a pen with square edges, and the cap studs were replaced with a compression ring and improved inner cap for a tighter quality seal when the pen was capped.

Unlike a lot of their less-expensive pens, the Legacy line was built with a lot of care and attention to detail. This is a pen and clip you could easily see in the pockets of the gents on Mad Men. The M for medium on my nib is already starting to disappear. A cross between a pneumatic-filled and a modern vacuum-filled pen, the Touchdown system works by unscrewing the knob at the end of the barrel and pulling it straight out to reveal a steel plunger tube onto which is attached a series of o-rings.

How do I Date a Cross Pen?

However, this version is designed for W3C, accessibility compliance. Some pens employ removable reservoirs in the form of pre-filled ink cartridges. While no physical item survives, several working models were reconstructed in by artist Amerigo Bombara that have since been put on display in museums dedicated to Leonardo. Ink was squeezed through a small hole to the writing point. Furthermore, most inks were highly corrosive and full of sedimentary inclusions.

Fountain Pens: History and Design [Giorgio Dragoni, Guiseppe Fishera] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A survey of fountain pens in the context of the history of writing and writing instruments if followed by a gallery of pens dating from to with full technical information.

Parker manufactured fine writing instruments — Sheaffer just produced pens that, on the whole, I appreciate more, and appear on the English market less often. So a couple of months ago, I stopped in at a local vintage clothing shop and scanned their counter full of antique odds and ends, and saw there a handsome Parker 61 with the Rainbow Gold cap. I usually prefer to buy pens from non-specialists only if the price is low enough that I can rationalise the risk; one can never be quite sure what has happened inside a pen over long years.

This was not the capillary-filler style of Parker 61, but the later squeeze filler. The nib looks fine, and the trademark inset arrow of the Parker 61 is still there I have a Parker 61 Flighter whose arrow has, alas, fallen away. All in all, it makes a very handsome, highly functional addition to the Parker Wing of my collection. Granted that I would be more likely to find Parkers than Sheaffers, I had resolved to look out for one of the striking Parker 50 Falcon s, one of the pen models with the nib integrated into the body of the pen.

The Falcon preserved the intriguing style of the integrated nib with more conventional materials, and Parker manufactured them in four models for several years. I mentioned them to a dealer-collector one day, and the next time I looked for them online they were gone this is probably just a coincidence, but if I meet that gentleman again I may ask him about them. I recently put in a low bid on a Falcon on ebay, though, and to my surprise won the auction. From the outside, it looks mostly like any other metal-plated fountain pen.

The integrated nib, though, stands out in the pen-design crowd: The nib is very firm, but it writes smoothly and agreeably. Not that I turn perfect specimens away.

Vintage Sheaffers Fountain Pen/Ball Point Pen in Case

Metal nibs have their origins as far back as ancient Egypt and were made of metals like copper and bronze. However, the quality of writing that could be achieved with these pens was inferior to that of reed pens. Metallic nibs were made up through the 18th-century as one-off, craftsman-made luxury items [4] [5].

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You know, bringing dead pens back to life. I acquired an inexpensive bunch of old Sheaffer pens in various states of disrepair, and have started attempting to fix them up into a usable state. As I mentioned in my sneak peek a few days ago , this is a Sheaffer Balance Sovereign, circa , with a vacuum filler. The marine green striated celluloid is in decent shape, and the barrel still has some transparency.

The gold-plated cap trim is fairly nice on the clip side, but badly brassed on the back. Most unrestored vac-fill pens found in the wild will require a lot of work to bring them back to writing shape. There are lots of warnings online about working on these pens yourself and that they should be sent to professional restorers, but that just sounds like a challenge to me. First, I took the pen apart so I could see what I was working with. I used a hair dryer to carefully heat the junction where the section screws into the barrel.

Then I wrapped a small piece of bicycle inner tube around the section for better grip, and turned the barrel persistently, but gently.

Vintage Sheaffer “Autograph” Fountain Pen; 14K; 1940’s

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. The pen is the Autograph model and is further identified by the number embossed on the barrel. It is black in color and a lever-filler type. T is no color variation from the cap section to the main body of the pen. Although appearing somewhat faint in the scan, both the pocket clip and wide cap band are clearly marked 14K see Scan 3.

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The middle of America is lush at this time of year, and as I roll towards Fort Madison past prosperous Victorian farm houses, I am inspired to hope the question which has nagged me for so long will shortly be answered. On the earlier pens, the tipping material was attached differently, it appeared, than on pens made after the late thirties. If you look at these early pen nibs under a microscope, at the margin where the gold and the iridium meet, you can see a jagged line where the two connect.

It is as if an odd-shaped crystal were attached to the nib. A change seen through a microscope seems insignificant when you travel through a midwestern summer afternoon. But for a nibman, Highway 61 is taking me to my last chance in America to find the source of this seemingly arcane bit of fountain pen history– the Sheaffer Pen Company, the last American penmaker to still fabricate its own nibs. And actually, the history, whatever its origins, is important, for the differences between the earlier and subsequent tipping materials is not only visual.

Although there are many examples of points so fine and so hard that they still write as finely and beautifully as when they were made sixty or more years ago, the function of many early pens is compromised by flaws in the surface of the tipping material. In addition to the mystery of the tipping material and the way it is applied to the gold, there exists a class of earlier points that are very difficult to make today because they require so much hand work.

I hoped also to learn about that. I can anticipate and never tire of the flow of incandescent metal into the mold. The smell of cut grass is pungent and compared to the lawns in Los Angeles, the yards surround the Victorian houses with deep green.

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